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COMIXSCAPE Collection 1

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COMIXSCAPE follows Tyler Wesley, an imaginative, perpetual preteen on the search for fun and adventure in his new fictional town Woodland, MA. Accompanied with new friends Nia (a pragmatic, precocious classmate that takes a liking to him), and Rocky (his self-proclaimed sidekick; a goofball raccoon with a ravenous appetite), Tyler finds himself in the midst of learning more about who he is, the strange past events that have transpired in his new town, and what he wants his story to be.

COMIXSCAPE Collection 1 collects the first 3 Volumes of the series into one major omnibus at a whopping 218 pages, including a large amount of behind the scenes art, comics, and designs never before published on the series' roots, development, and post-Volume 3 content. With 2022 marking itself as the 10th anniversary of the series, this is the definitive way to celebrate and experience everything this story has to offer up to this point.

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